ANGELS Height of friendly aircraft in thousands of feet.
ARCING The use of a cut-off against another aircraft to gain closure.
ANGLE OFF The angle between the defender’s logitudinal axis measured in terms of degrees that the attacker must turn.
ASPECT ANGLE The angle between your flight path and the bogey’s flight path, measured from the bogey’s six o’clock
AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System
BANDIT Comfirmed enemy aircraft
BALLISTIC Out of airspeed, unable to maneuver.
BEARING The horizontal direction to or from any point, usually measured clockwise in degrees
BFM Basic Fighter Maneuvers
BINGO FUEL Briefed fuel state at which RTB must commence.
BITCHIN BETTY Nickname for the female voice in the cockpit VMS (voice Message System)
BLIND No visual contact with FRIENDLY aircraft; opposite of visual
BLOW THROUGH Directive/Informational call that indicates aircraft will continue straight ahead at the merge and not turn with the target(s).
BOGEY An unidentified aircraft.
BREAK An emergency turn in which maximum performance is desired instantly to destroy an attacker’s tracking solution.
BULLSEYE An established reference point from which the position of an aircraft can be referenced (usually in bearing and range).
BURBLE Buffeting of an aircraft caused by the disruption of airflow across the control surfaces.
BVR Beyond Visual Range
CHICKS Friendly aircraft
CLEAR Your six-o’clock is clear.
CLOSING Bandit/Bogey is getting closer in range.
CLUEDO Total loss of situational awareness.
COME OFF (left/right/high/low) A directive call to turn after attacking to maintain mutual support or deconflict supporting fighter roles.
CONTACT Radar contact; accompanied by bearing and range.
CONTINUE Maneuver for attack; (expect cleared hot for air to ground attack).
CORNER VELOCITY The minimum airspeed at which an aircraft can fly at max. G
COVER Assume a prebriefed supporing position.
DASH Flight profile maximizing speed, usually a very high altitude straight line flight
DEFENSIVE Maneuvering to deny weapons parameters.
DEFENSIVE SPLIT A fluid separation by an element of two aircraft in an attempt to seek a favorable position on any attackers.
DELTA SIERRA Dog Sh*t,; „The visibility is Delta Sierra“.
DISENGAGE Cease air-to-air maneuvering.
DIVERT Proceed to alternate mission/base.
DWE Pronounced DWEE, pilot slang for „Damned Whizzo Ejected“
EGRESS Route of exit from combat area
ELEMENT The basic fighting unit (2 aircraft)
ENGAGED Fighter aircraft is maneuvering to attain or deny weapons release parameters.
EXTEND Gain energy and distance with the possible objective of reentering the engagement.
EYEBALL Fighter with primary visual identification responsibility.
FAC Forward Air Controller, e.g. the RAVENS
FENCE IN Signal to arm weapons
FOX ONE Radar guided missle has been fired.
FOX TWO MIKE A heater (AIM9M heat seeking missle) has been fired
FOX TWO A heater (AIM9L/P heat seeking missle) has been fired
FOX THREE Gun is fired.
FOXTROT UNIFORM F*cked up; „My radar is Foxtrot Uniform“.
FRAG LIST List or targets in order or priority.
FURBALL Large gaggle of engaged fighters.
GATE Maximum thrust.
G-FORCE The force of gravitational pull. At rest the body feels ONE G
GLOC G-induced Loss of Consciousness. (blackout) Comes from allowing the blood to drain from the brain under stress of G forces.
GRAPE (HAMFIST) An easy opponent See whiskey delta
GRAY OUT Loss of vision due to stress of G-forces; the blood has drained from the eyes and vision is obscured or gone. Pilot is still conscious and aware.
HI-SPEED YO-YO An offensive maneuver designed to counter an overshoot by converting airspeed into altitude in an effort to match an opponent’s turn and reposition for the attack.
HOUNDOG Tally, visual, and „I’m in a better position to engage the bandit and ensure deconfliction“.
JINKING Erratic defensive maneuver designed to deny a firing solution to the attacker.
JOKER FUEL Fuel level, where the pilot needs to be thinking about returning to base. This level is just above the Bingo level
JUDY I have visual contact with the target and only require situational awareness information.
KILL A call to indicate kill criteria has been fulfilled.
KNOCK IT OFF Terminate the engagement/maneuver immediately.
LAG PURSUIT Pointing the nose behind the bandits flight path in order to increase the distance between the aircraft.
LEAD PURSUIT Pointing the nose ahead of the bandits flight path in order to cut across his turn circle.
LETHAL ENVELOPE The vulnerable area behind an aircraft to which an attacking aircraft can fire his weapon and expect a kill.
LOITER Max conserve airspeed.
LO-SPEED YO-YO A maneuver designed to increase rate of closure and at the same time allow an attacker to slide inside an opponent’s turn radius using radial „G“ and by converting altitude into airspeed.
LUFBERY A circular tail chase.
MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE The best possible aircraft performance for the existing conditions of airspeed, altitude and attitude.
MAXIMUM RATE TURN That turn at which the maximum number of degrees per second is achieved.
MERGE Point at which aircraft approach each other and radar returns have come together.
MIL Abbreviation for milliradian, an angular measurement. One degree equals 17.45 mils. More importantly to a pilot, the mil can be used as a measurement of distance. One mil covers over a one foot tall object at 1000 feet range.
MINIMUM RADIUS TURN The airspeed at which maximum „G“ can be sustained producing the minimum radius in feet for that altitude.
MUSIC Enemy radar jammers are active.
NO JOY Pilot does not have visual contact with the target or bandit; opposite of TALLY-HO
NORDO Radio inoperative.
OVERSHOOT When unable to remain inside the enemy aircraft’s radius of turn.
PADLOCK I have tally and cannot look away without risking loss of visual contact.
PERCH Set up for basic maneuvering.