ATI oficialiai pristatė mikroschemų rinkinį „Radeon Xpress 200M“, skirtą pagrindinėms plokštėms su „Intel“ procesoriais.

Naujasis mikroschemų rinkinys palaiko „DirectX 9.0“ bei „ATI Videshader“, „Fullstream“ ir „LCD Enhancement Engine“ technologijas. „Radeon Xpress 200M“ dirbs su DDR400 ir DDR2-667 tipo atmintimi bei turės „PCI-Express“ sąsają.

Pilnos „Radeon Xpress 200M“ specifikacijos bei palaikomos technologijos ir procesoriai originalo kalba:

Supports Intel Pentium M, Intel Celeron, Celeron M and Intel Pentium 4 CPUs
Enhanced Intel Speedstep
Advanced Power Management and CPU Throttling


DDR400, DDR2-667
2Mx32 (64-bit interface), 4Mx32, 8Mx32 and 16Mx16

PCI Express:

Meets PCI Express 1.0a
Up to 4 x x1 PCI Express

3D graphics:

DirectX 9.0 (Vertex Shader v2.0 and Pixel Shader v2.0)
Up to 4 x MRT (Multiple-Render-Target)
Microsoft GDI+
Up to 2536×2536 @ 32bpp
Antialiasing 2x-6x
Hidden surface removal, 16/24/32-bit Z-Buffer

2D graphics:

128-bit engine
Microsoft DirectDraw, Double Buffering, Virtual Sprites, Transparent Blit, Masked Blit
2048×1536 @ 32bpp
New GDI for Windows 2000/XP: Alpha BLT, Transparent BLT, Gradient Fill
Multiple display support
DDCI and DDC2B+ Plug and Play
DVI interface
8-bit alpha blending, video and graphic overlay
VGA interface
TV encoder, DAC doesn´t support simultaneous operation of TV-out and CRT display
Macrovision 7.1 protection
Up to 1024×768 @ 32bpp
CGMS-A management
ACPI S1, S3, S4, S5, ATI Powerplay, Vari-bright
Supports ATI Catalyst drivers


8 x USB 2.0
Up to 7 x PCI v2.3
LPC (Low Pin Count) and SM (System Management)
Serial ATA, RAID 0,1
Backward compatibility with previous peripheral interfaces, RTC (Real Time Clock) and 64-bit Intel CPU power management
7.1/5.1ch AC-97 audio, MC-97 modem
TPM 1.1 and 1.2